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Marina Village reflects a predominance of southern-coastal architecture.  Marina Village borrowed from the pre-1940's traditional southern-coastal  theme, updating it with contemporary materials and techniques that provide the charm, character and feel of coastal architecture without the maintenance and upkeep of years past.

Marina Village seeks to blend these architectural styles and new materials with our lakeside woodlands to create a new community with a classic tradition.  Some coastal designs from New England where the rugged shore topography is similar to the Marina Village site are readily adaptable.  Additional styles developed along the flat coastal plains of the Gulf can adapt to the rolling shoreline through the creative use of walkways and other design innovations.

The architectural excellence and character of Marina Village are governed by the Marina Village Homeowners Association, through an appointed and elected board.  The goal is to develop and maintain the village or small town look, while addressing the specific housing needs of individual residents.

Almost all of the roadways in Marina Village follow the ridges along the high ground, meandering naturally along old farm roads and trails that crossed the site.

Hillsides that dramatically drop off to the waterline allow homes to be constructed to enhance the scenic view of the lake.  Designing to the sloping terrain results in greater value because lower level or basement square footage is afforded the same view of the lake as upper levels.


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