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The Marina Village site at Grand Rivers, Kentucky, is truly a unique natural landform.  It is located between two of the largest man-made lakes in the world.  Situated at the gateway to the U.S. Forest Service's 170,000 acre Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, Marina Village is bordered by Kentucky Lake on the west, Lake Barkley on the east, and Barkley Canal on the south which connects the two lakes.  Marina Village offers an unparalleled location for scenic lakeside living, easy interstate access, boating, water-sports, and environmental recreation and education.

The two lakes boast more than 218,000 acres of water that are acclaimed as some of the best year-round, warm-water fishing in the nation.  Deep water and large lakes provide an excellent playground for all, from the smallest runabout to the largest yacht, houseboat or sailboat.  Marina Village is only four minutes from Interstate 24 and easily accessible by an extensive interstate system linking western Kentucky with the Midwest and southeastern states.  Marina Village is an easy one day drive south of Chicago, less than a two hour drive from downtown Nashville, and about a three hour drive from St. Louis and Memphis.

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